Diyana Alcheva’s Collaboration Nation


Diyana Alcheva’s Collaboration Nation


MLSP LTD 2 Interview with Didi Alcheva

MLSP LTD 2 Interview with Didi Alcheva

You may or may not know about Diyana Alcheva, but her gig is collaboration. As you know, I had the chance to interview her at the Live the Dream Event in Orlando, Florida, and it was a tremendous interview that had impact even on me.

I am going to share with you Diyana’s story about her breakthroughs into internet marketing, and her vision to empower, influence, and impact others to change their lives no matter where they come from, and despite their background. (Don’t forget to watch these other episodes: Ferny CeballosMichelle PescosolidoRob ForeBrian ColeNorbert OrlewiczBrian Fanale and Ray Higdon.)

Collaboration Comes from Events

In my interview with Diyana I quickly discovered that the avenue by which these interviews happened was the same thing that changed Diyana’s life. Events equals collaboration for her and that is how she got her start. Why does it work?

Diyana sees that events are what connect people, and it’s a great knowledgebase that isn’t virtual but hands on! This is her firm belief, because after all, this is how she met Glen Arcaro, her partner and collaborator.

Now that they have developed products and have been working together, they have done their own events, and now Diyana is getting the opportunity to do the same for others as an event did for her. This was made real for Diyana, yet again the day of the interview, when Ryan Angelo started off with a visualization exercise, asking those in the audience to see themselves in the future and visualize where they want to be.

Diyana says that looking back; she remembers so clearly like a little girl what it was like getting started, and not having enough confidence to know where she was headed at the time.

Collaboration Helped Diyana Get Over the Hump

While there is plenty to be grateful for, Diyana is sharing with others that while it’s good to get over the hump and get moving, collaboration can do so much more for you and your business.

Diyana tells the story of how coming to an event like this when she first came to America in 2005, helped her move mountains. Through collaboration she was able to dip her toe into personal development, learning how to better communicate, getting connected with Marketing Merge, continuing to go to other live events, and learning about products and development.

This is impressive for someone who testifies to having poor English when she arrived on the scene, but her inner desire to help others and empower others took her further than she ever imagined, and as a result, here we are today.

Collaboration Equals Success

Those who understand the power of collaboration know that it equals success. Diyana has experienced success, and she can describe it several words.

Diyana says that her success comes from being able to help empower, influence, impact, encourage, and help others. Truly, in her own words, “to help others create success is SUCCESS!”

Those words spoken are so true, and I know for those who are just getting started it will be the same. If you are knew to network marketing and internet marketing, then get to an event, because as Diyana says the key to unlocking success early on is collaboration.

For more information about MLSP, go here. And you can learn more about Didi here.

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