mission statement

The mission of DavidEDeMarco.com to inspire all who read it to discover their true God-given purpose here on this wonderful blue globe, transform their lives as well as the lives of those around them, and create a legacy by living a life of passion and personal greatness.

DavidEDeMarco.com truly is the result of my faith in God, my commitment to personal growth and my desire to be a Go-Giver. My dedication to see this through has never been stronger. I now have an ironclad commitment to success and to helping people find their core identity and reach the levels of success they have always dreamed of. Not just monetary success, but true success in all areas of life. My desire is to share all this knowledge of personal development, video marketing and social media that I have learned over the years. It is also my desire to share the Truth of why we are here on this big blue globe and what we are all called to do with this short life we are given.

My Main Objectives

Teach personal development strategies and principles that have the power to transform the lives of those who implement them.

Educate about the truth of the Network Marketing Industry and the secrets to building a huge network marketing business.

Empower with the knowledge of Attraction Marketing, Social Media, and building a Personal Brand, enabling those to become true leaders in the home-base business industry.

Develop video marketing skills that will make those who implement stand out from the those who don’t.


I know the enormous potential and power there is in Attraction Marketing, Social Media and Video Marketing. I know that Internet Marketing is all about building a list – your OWN list, not someone else’s list. From my many years of experience in Video Marketing, I know the power behind building a brand. I have truly caught the bigger vision and I want to help others get it as well. My burning desire is help people “Seize The Day, Design Their Life, and Live Their Dreams.”