Getting the Ryan Angelo Connection

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Getting the Ryan Angelo Connection


Ryan Angelo Interview Pic 2 300x168 Getting the Ryan Angelo Connection

MLSP LTD 2 Interview with Ryan Angelo

How many of us know that a good connection equals great things? This is what Ryan Angelo believes to be the truth about attending events like these, but it goes much deeper than that for Ryan.

I am going to share with you not only what Ryan had to say about an even like the Live the Dream Event, but what he has to say about making the right connection and keeping it intact.

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Who is Behind Your Connection?

One of the first questions I had for Ryan Angelo was what the importance of an event was for him. In his own words, he let me know that there are many ways to connect in this digital life we lead, but getting to know someone in person is still more powerful.

You never know who is behind the connection through email or even through video. With 6 degrees of separation you may have no idea who you are really working with, and with that being said you need to find out! Who do they know? What do they know? Can they bring something useful to the table? Don’t you want to know who you are working with?

Getting the Leadership Connection

Ryan Angelo works with leaders, and as part of his work he has taken a good look at leaders and what they do to not only get to where they are but to excel.

Ryan says it’s simple, because it’s really about personal development for leaders. They know that they MUST elevate themselves, and in order to do that personal development is what they focus on. Why is this so important?

Personal development is what Ryan focuses on for himself to stay elevated, and for him it’s simply because the world we live in is so negative. If it weren’t we wouldn’t have to worry about it! Ryan knows that in order to achieve success, you may encounter some friction with others along the way, and that is okay because to be successful you will find yourself doing things that others are not.

Where to Get a Positive Connection

Those of you who aren’t sure where to get this positive connection, Ryan can help you figure it out. Going to these live events is where it’s at for Ryan.

Ryan talks more on going against the grain when you decide to make a change, and the best thing that you could do is surround yourself with others who are of like mind and vision. Going to these events consistently can help you rise above the negative, and help you stay there.

Ryan also refers to success in one word, with that word being “wisdom”. Ryan mentions the Christian scriptures, with Proverbs being the key to digesting as much wisdom as possible to consume the negativity. Ryan even suggests going on a negativity diet to get rid of what you don’t need and focus on what you do need, which is wisdom.

Those who need more of that should focus on the wisdom connection and that connection could be what changes your life and business forever.

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To Your Phenomenal Success,

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