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The “Grand Fanale” in Marketing Strategies Today with Brian Fanale


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MLSP Interview with Brian Fanale

Brian Fanale knows marketing strategies; in fact, he could bet his life on the fact that developing the best strategies in marketing are what will help you not just start your business but grow your business.

In my interview with Brian Fanale at the Live the Dream Event in Orlando, Florida, I asked him the same questions that I asked Norbet Orlewicz; about the growth of MLSP, and what the main focus should be starting up a business.  I am going to share with you what Fanale had to say about all of that, in hopes that you will be able to take away some nuggets for your own success.

Reaching Network Marketers with Various Marketing Strategies

When I asked Fanale if he ever thought MLSP would get to be this big, his response was, “no”. As humble as the response, the reality is that he and Orlewicz developed it to help marketers have multiple resources to pull marketing strategies from.

Being a network marketer already, Fanale saw the need to develop something that could help fill in the gaps for those who were struggling, and that is how MLSP was born. However, as big as the product was, they knew that it would take time for marketers to digest it. So, what is the best approach for those who are new?

The Process of Elimination for Choosing the Best Marketing Strategies

In chatting with Fanale, it was interesting to hear that the answer is so simple regarding choosing marketing strategies.

It’s really all about taking your strengths and abilities and matching those up with the marketing strategies that are congruent with those abilities and making them work. Master it, and get it up to 20 leads a day and then move onto mastering the next one.

Fanale’s mantra is that it’s all about whatever strikes you, and whatever your passion is, just follow it.

Get Inspired by Those Who Teach Marketing Strategies!

Fanale didn’t just share with me how to choose the most fitting marketing strategies, but he also wanted to share that the inspiration by those who teach them is equally as important.

Fanale believes that it all happens at the events held by not only MLSP, but at the events that are being held by your company that you work with as well. In fact, Fanale refers to these events fondly as “the Magic Dust”!

Fanale says that getting to an event is how he first shook hands with Norbet Orlewicz, so it’s no surprise that he is a big advocate for them. However, he also emphasizes that while you can make great money in your business and buy the nicest cars, at the end of the day it’s about finding your passion and just making it happen.

Truly it was an inspiration for me to be at the Live the Dream Event, but it was even better hearing that it’s about living a life of success that really just spells out “happiness”.

I hope that this interview did as much for you as it did for me, and that you now understand that the best marketing strategies are those that truly line up with what you love, and that will help you build a business you love for years to come.

For more information about Brian Fanale, online marketing strategies and MLSP, go here.

To Your Phenomenal Success,

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